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    ·Guangzhou Andea Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was     


    ·Released the first high power HF reader moudle RD600 in
     China, supporting ISO15693.





    ·Released barrier-free intelligent attendan equipment 
    (integrated RD600 module). Product was sucssfully applied
    for the NPC, the CPPCC and the party congress in different
     cities in China, taking the first market share.




    ·Released HF RD2XX series of medium power and RD5XX
    series of high power readers, improving the medium and high
    power readers product line.





    ·Shenzhen International Internet of Things and Smart China   
    Exhibition (IoTE), which is China’s largest and most
    comprehensive IoT/RFID exhibition, chose our barrier-free
    entran ticket validation system and spoke highly of our


    ·Released micro-power RD1XX series of reader. In the same
    year, outlets all over the country of Hua Xia Bank and China
    Construction Bank used our RD1XX series of micro-power
    reader for big amount electronic deposits.




    ·Developed the first shielded and anti channeling librarian
    workstation reader, Andea began to enter the field of library.


    ·Invented the HF antenna 3D omnidirectional induction
    technology and applied for a patent for invention of the
    technology, being acssed by the National Patent Offi.





    ·Released micro, medium and high power three series of
    embedded modules.


    ·Set up offi in Shanghai and Beijing.

    ·Released a series of library RFID core reader equipment,
    being the first supplier in RFID library field.


    ·Got three patents for utility models and two patents for




    ·Won the first market share in the series of library RFID core
    reader equipment in domestic market.


    ·Andea Electronics was the exclusie supplier of open meeting
    attendan equipment at CHOGM 2013.


    ·The nine factories intelligent production lines of Gree used
    our RFID product.






    ·Company registered capital was increased to 1.7 million USD.
    Meanwhile, the offi area was expanded from 400 square
    meters to 15000 square meters. Andea was on the high-speed
    development period.


    ·Andea Electronics being China’s first batch of RFID
    management system provider of implementing jewelry chain


    ·DELL computer intelligent production lines used our RFID


    ·Foxconn’s workshop used our intelligent channel
    equipment to realize personnel in and out of control system.


    ·China’s largest airplane exhibition ticket system used our
    RFID intelligent channel equipment.


    ·General Manager Mr Xianzhou Zhang had an interview with
    the RFID World Net and the theme was "for healthy
    development, only to focus on research and development and
    manufacture high quality products".




    ·Being rewarded “2014 RFID China Annual Awards for Most
    Influential RFID Reader manufacturer”.


    ·Organized overseas sales team to enter the international


    ·Andea products mostly passed through , FCC rtification.





    ·In March 2016, Andea won “2015 IOT Star for RFID Reader


    ·iPhone 7 intelligent production line was installed with our
    RFID reader and specifically custom antenna.


    ·Got one patent for invention, one patent for utility model and
    one patent for design.



With 11 years experien in RFID reader and antenna research & development,
Guangzhou Andea Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has been one of the most professional RFID hardware solution companies in China.

Room 401, Building H, Jingye 3rd Street,  
Yushu Industrial Park, Economic And Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou
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